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located Aptos, CA


Are you ready to release everything that has been holding you back? 

Phoenix Healing offers transformational spiritual healing sessions and classes to help you rise up into the best version of yourself. We offer Reiki, Mentoring, Energetic Healing and Clearing sessions, Light Language channeling. and Munay Ki Rites instruction. 

These offerings are carefully tailored to help you to step into your power and to create the life of your dreams while you are shifting out of your old life and beliefs. 

We are all continually being born anew. Allow the energy of the Phoenix to engulf you in transformation and let the supportive healing help you to step into it with presence, self love, and peace. 

We offer private sessions and group events and classes. Our group events are within the Phoenix Tribe Rising. 


Phoenix Tribe Rising is a spiritual community that is devoted to helping people grow and heal through a multitude of different experiences and practices. Our focus on the Divine Feminine helps you to balance and embrace a different way of experiencing Divinity as an embodiment of the elements and nature all around you. 

We use different spiritual practices including ritual, visualization, intuititve development, meditation, counseling, energy healing, and many others to help people step more deeply into their power as they learn more about themselves aand peel away the things that no longer fit. 

We meet monthly for Full moon circles and offer a variety of different workshops and events that are dedicated to helping you dive into your Divinity, Intuition, connection to the Earth, and to heal yourself. 

Come and join us in sacred space as we help you live a more conscious life and begin to truly step into yourself. 

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