Santa Cruz

 a Goddess Temple and Transformative Community in the Making

Transform ~ Heal ~ Connect


Thank you so much for visiting us here!

It has been a dream of mine for many years to raise a Temple like this locally, since I visited the Ashland Goddess Temple and set foot upon that sacred ground.

This temple is dedicated in honor of the Goddess. Many call Her Isis, Kuan Yin, Pachemama (the Sacred Earth Mother), Freya, Hecate, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Hathor, Yemaya, Cerridwen, Bridget, Oshun, Aphrodite, there are as many names to Her as there are stars in the sky. She is the Divine Feminine that lives within us all and our personal connection with her is as unique as we are.

The pictures are from the Goddess Temple Ashland as the setup for the Phoenix Temple is intended to be pretty similar to theirs. All gratitude and honor to my teacher Jesamyn Angelica (, to Graell Corsini for her inspiring teaching and guidance, Ruth Rhiannon for her beautiful Altar build in the pictures, Asha Deliverance for her beautiful, sacred Domes, and the many friends and family members who have supported my journey thus far. We walk in the footsteps of some amazing women and it is an honor to be in community with these lovely Sistars!

It will be built to celebrate the Goddess and to connect in sacred community and safe space to dive more deeply into the realms of the intuitive, our own self healing, sacred sexuality, the magical, and the everyday sacred.

We need your help to raise this temple as a service to the community. We must band together, in sacred, ritual medicine to reconnect with what really matters. In this temple we will have the opportunity to step through the veils and learn to live as we were meant to be- sovereign, whole, sacred and free; connected to the Sacred Feminine energies within ourselves and channeling the wisdom that is sent to us.

There will be:

- Energy healing events
- Munay Ki Rites
- Full Moon Ceremonies
-New/Dark moon circles
- Embodiment Ceremonies

- Ancient Medicine
- Channeling Practice groups
- Serpent Medicine
- Drumming and sacred dance events
- Parent/child learning circles
- Weekend classes and workshops
- Visiting teachers and Priestesses hosting events too!
- and more as the community develops

I am Christina Sabella, a Priestess, healer, Light Language channel, Acupuncturist, and teacher. My community is the Phoenix Tribe Rising and my purpose is to help Lightworkers, intuitives, starseeds, and channels to embody the sacred voice (magic) they carry within and learn to use it in an easy and playful way so they can go out in to the world and help those they were meant to help.

This temple will provide a beautiful, tranquil, sacred container, nestled in the Aptos hills (where I already have a location for it!!) for us to gather and learn from each other as we co-create a new reality and deeper connection to the Goddess and our precious Mother Earth.

My mission is to help those who are intuitive and have sacred, magical gifts, to step more fully in to their self love and self power and begin to have a safe place to learn how to better pull their magic into the world.

If you have ever wanted to learn energy healing, help yourself to heal more deeply, connect more to the Divine Feminine, or to begin to tap into your divine wisdom, then the time is now and we hope you feel the call to support our work and help us to bring more spaces like this in to the world!

Blessed be!

​© 2016 by Phoenix Tribe Rising